2017 Oregon Sunstone Solar Eclipse Pendant

Order your 2017 Commemorative Oregon Sunstone Eclipse Pendant Now!

Our exclusive design showcases the Solar Eclipse with three Oregon Sunstones embedded in the sun’s rays. Sunstone is the Oregon State Gem and is mined locally. Sunstone occurs in pale yellows, peach to deep amber, and light to medium teal green. Each pendant will showcase a variety of these colors, so if you are interested in a certain color blend, please ask when you call to order.

The back of each pendant says “2017 SolarFest Madras, Oregon” as Madras is the closest point on the planet to the sun during the Solar Eclipse and will be the temporary observation point for NASA and many others who are coming to visit our area. Take home a piece of Oregon and mark the day with a beautiful souvenir to last a lifetime!

Silver Eclipse Pendant

$195.00 (chain included)

14k Gold Eclipse Pendant

$795.00 (chain included)

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