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Originally known as “Satterlee Bros.,” SATTERLEE JEWELRY REPAIR & DESIGN CENTER was founded in 1941 by brothers Floyd & Lloyd Satterlee in downtown Redmond. The pair focused on clock and watch repairs, but quickly grew to include minor jewelry repairs, and eventually retail sales of jewelry. In the 1950s, Floyd Satterlee moved to Prineville with his family & opened a 2nd branch of the business. Then in 1961, Floyd’s son Doyle opened a 3rd location in Madras, just 25 miles north. In January of 1989, Floyd’s grandson, Sean, took over operations of the last remaining branch in Madras. Sean and his wife Keri grew the business, expanded the repair shop to encompass two jewelers, & changed the name to Satterlee Jewelers. This began another era of the same simple principles of friendship and good quality service that Floyd & Lloyd had established years before.  Sean even went on to garner two coveted regional Jewelry Design Awards in 1995 and 1997. In December 2003, the business came full circle and returned to Redmond after a more than 30-year absence. Ironically, the new location of Satterlee Jewelry Repair & Design Center is just several blocks north of the original location!  Now the business is home to 4 jewelers who work diligently on jewelry repairs, heirloom jewelry restoration, design, and manufacturing -  ALL done on site!


These days, Satterlee Jewelry Repair & Design Center is run by Sean and Keri in Redmond, who have now faithfully served Central Oregon for almost 40 years. They are joined by their sons, Gabriel and Ayden, who are preparing to become 4th generation owners of the store. Stop by and meet the family!

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Established in 1941, Satterlee Jewelry Repair & Design Center third generation owners Sean & Keri Satterlee have brought the business full circle, from its humble beginnings of watch and clock repair to modern day custom-designed jewelry. Additionally, the business focuses on repairing and restoring jewelry using cutting edge laser welders that take the artform of the jeweler to a whole new level.