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Sand Dunes

Custom Design

We specialize in designing and creating all types of jewelry, using all precious metals and gemstones.  Beginning with a consultation to establish what our clients wish to create, we then move to sketches or CAD-CAM renders to perfect proportions and design elements. Then we create a wax model, followed by casting, finishing, and stone setting.  Our clients love being involved in the step-by-step process and being able to put their own creativity into the final piece of jewelry.  You CAN have exactly what you want- just stop by and talk with us today!


We are able to repair most any jewelry item,  including costume jewelry!  With the use of our state-of-the-art  laser welders, we  are able to work on even the most delicate jewelry without damaging structure or gemstones.


Ring Sizing

One of the most common and most difficult repairs we do - your fingers can change a whole size in a day!

Gabe Watch Repair_edited.jpg

Watch Batteries

We are available for watch batteries and most all basic watch repairs


And Much More!

All of our jewelry repairs are done on-site by one of our highly-trained jewelers!

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